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Shoal cosplay by Chargal4 Shoal cosplay :iconchargal4:Chargal4 0 0 MegaMan ZX OCs: Paradisa, Cameo, and Firebird by Chargal4 MegaMan ZX OCs: Paradisa, Cameo, and Firebird :iconchargal4:Chargal4 3 0 Sketch: Theta, Wilson, Wink by Chargal4 Sketch: Theta, Wilson, Wink :iconchargal4:Chargal4 0 2
When Love Must Die 2/2
Screams echoed through the lab, waking Omega with a start.  He paused when re recognized the scream, and he tried to go back to sleep.  However, the cries tore at him, leaving him unable to rest.  Finally, he got up and peeked into the lab.
“Oh it’s just a car battery!  Now, to complete the test.”  Dr. Weil took hemostats, and blocked off her fuel and cooling lines until the thrashing Counterfeit stopped moving. 
Omega watched, as Dr. Weil checked his watch and then removed the hemostats.  Lotus did not move.  The monitors measuring her vitals let out a long, droning wail, indicating mechanical and electrical failure.  That strange, heavy feeling in Omega’s chest reemerged.
Lotus was dead.
Dr. Weil took the car battery, connecting leads to the piece and to hubs in Lotus’ back.  He activated the charge, and a shock shot into Lotus’ body.  Another shock followed, and the monitor indicated the retur
:iconchargal4:Chargal4 0 0
When Love Must Die Part 1/2
Dr. Weil had returned to his secret facility. Two drones carried a crate to an enclosure that had been built the night before. "Put it in there. Make sure the enclosure is secure before you let it out." Making his way to a capsule, Dr. Weil read the information gathered from the last tests of Omega. "Hm, still needs adjustment. Let's see what has changed from yesterday." Dr. Weil pressed a button to call for Omega.  "Omega." Weil's tone was firm and commanding. "I went and got you another Counterfeit. This time, do not kill it."
There was silence on the other end of the intercom, and finally, the door opened.  Omega sidled into the room, his red eyes gleaming.  He smirked when he saw the cage, but frowned when he heard his master’s instructions.
"If you kill this one, I will not replace it like I did the others."
“Heh, if these fakes weren’t so shoddily built…”  Omega hissed.
Dr. Weil paused, before continuing.  "This one is a litt
:iconchargal4:Chargal4 1 0
Galleon by Chargal4 Galleon :iconchargal4:Chargal4 0 0 Corale by Chargal4 Corale :iconchargal4:Chargal4 1 0 Princess Aurora for ReachfarHigh by Chargal4 Princess Aurora for ReachfarHigh :iconchargal4:Chargal4 4 2 My Little Christmas by Chargal4 My Little Christmas :iconchargal4:Chargal4 2 3 Klein by Chargal4 Klein :iconchargal4:Chargal4 0 0 Lotus by Chargal4 Lotus :iconchargal4:Chargal4 3 0 Theta, MMZX by Chargal4 Theta, MMZX :iconchargal4:Chargal4 0 0 Handsome Boy by Chargal4 Handsome Boy :iconchargal4:Chargal4 3 0 PIZZA! by Chargal4 PIZZA! :iconchargal4:Chargal4 1 2 My smooshy by Chargal4 My smooshy :iconchargal4:Chargal4 5 3 Stevie Wonder by Chargal4 Stevie Wonder :iconchargal4:Chargal4 1 0


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MegaMan ZX OCs: Paradisa, Cameo, and Firebird

Name: Paradisa

Race: Wasteland Feral (descendant of Counterfeit Mutos Reploids)

Biometal: Cameo (effigy of her grandmother)

MegaMerge: Firebird

Personality: Paradisa is a quiet, nervous sort.  She feels she is ugly because Wasteland Ferals look nothing like Humanoids or Reploids in Innerpeace.  Paradisa wants to protect other Ferals and control the power she finds within Cameo.

History:  She was orphaned in the Wasteland by Mavericks, with only Cameo and a trio of Cyber Elves.  She was rescued by another Wasteland Feral named Maestro, and adopted by a Hope island Feral named Sirene.


Name: Cameo

Race: Feral Biometal

Biomatch: Paradisa

MegaMerge: Firebird

Personality: A real spitfire, Cameo is caring and capable with explosives.  She is patient with Paradisa, and tries to get her to overcome her insecurities.

History: Cameo was a Wasteland Feral who specialized in explosives, using them to excavate cliffs to make bunkers for her territory’s Ferals.  She found a small Model W and studied it, writing instructions on how to build her Effigy upon her death.  The Model W sickened her, and Cameo died young, at 42.  Her Effigy became, in effect, a Biometal that communicated to her family, and eventually found a Biomatch in Paradisa.
Sketch: Theta, Wilson, Wink
MegaMan Zero OCs

Theta was made with Omega and Lotus' DNA, meant to be Dr. Weil's 'backup plan'.  Wilson, a Clydesdale Unit dating to the Maverick Wars, had found Theta and had taken her under his wing.  The Cyber Elf by Theta's head was with her from the start, a Hacker Witch named Wink.

Screams echoed through the lab, waking Omega with a start.  He paused when re recognized the scream, and he tried to go back to sleep.  However, the cries tore at him, leaving him unable to rest.  Finally, he got up and peeked into the lab.

“Oh it’s just a car battery!  Now, to complete the test.”  Dr. Weil took hemostats, and blocked off her fuel and cooling lines until the thrashing Counterfeit stopped moving. 

Omega watched, as Dr. Weil checked his watch and then removed the hemostats.  Lotus did not move.  The monitors measuring her vitals let out a long, droning wail, indicating mechanical and electrical failure.  That strange, heavy feeling in Omega’s chest reemerged.

Lotus was dead.

Dr. Weil took the car battery, connecting leads to the piece and to hubs in Lotus’ back.  He activated the charge, and a shock shot into Lotus’ body.  Another shock followed, and the monitor indicated the return of electrical signal, and a hard drive scan began.

Omega sighed, but caught himself.  ‘What is this?  Relief?  Am I happy to see her alive?  No.  I’m just happy I still get to kill her.’

In the enclosure, Lotus waited until one drone was left. Then, she attacked it.  Within moments, the drone was on the floor, bleeding from stab wounds she inflicted from a shiv she had hidden. She looked at Omega with a note of shame in her eyes, and started lapping up the blood from the wound.

"Easy, Lotus.” He whispered, and waited until Weil left.  He approached the cage, kneeling near the bars.  “You will have a place in the Great War, but only if you can practice control.  If you can’t, I will have to kill you.”  Lotus gave a light growl, her body shaking as her bloodlust grew. That growl turned into a deep purr.  Looking up at Omega, she leaned her head forward in an attempt to initiate a nuzzle.

“Hey, no.”  Omega moved away from her, “I’m not into this whole ‘affection’ thing.  My mercy is conditional.”

Lotus pulled back, and resumed lapping up blood until she was content. Then, she began to take parts off the drone and hide them away

Omega noticed how quiet it had gotten, “I wonder where Lord Weil went.”

"He has gone to get more like me..."

"Oh good, the start of an army.  But will they be like you?”

"If they die, they will be brought back."

“Well, then they have an advantage.  I don’t need Lord Weil.  With my army, we can purge all humans.  But to do that…”

"What war?" Lotus asked.

Omega grinned, his eyes flashing a sinister crimson, “The time has come.  Humanity is obsolete.  They subjugate us to make up for their shortfalls.”

Nodding, Lotus thought of what humans had done to her and to others. She looked at the car battery, shivering.

“You understand.”

"There are others. They escaped. They live away from humans. We can find them."

Omega chuckled, “Then you clearly do not need humans to survive.  Are they resourceful like you?  To hell with Weil.  We will find them ourselves.”  Grabbing the key, Omega let Lotus out.  “Help me gather supplies.”

Lotus wiped her mouth as she stepped out, and she took a bag Omega offered.  She grabbed her blade, a spool of wire, stabilizing patches, and E Crystals.  Once finished, she followed Omega out of the hidden base, and to the surrounding, thick forest.  She was surprisingly graceful as her and Omega dodged the trees and darkness of these woods. She even dared to laugh for the first time.

Omega paused, and glanced up a tree.  A bug-like Mechaniloid shot at them, and Lotus growled.  “Prey…”  Lotus clawed up the tree, grabbing the Mechaniloid and yanking it down, killing it. "Supplies. These spines will come in handy."  She quickly dismantled it, taking wires and drinking its fluids.  She offered some to Omega.

“Um, no. I don’t think I can digest that.  Go on ahead.” Omega watched Lotus strip down the piece, before discarding what was unusable.  That feeling itched at Omega’s chest again as he watched Lotus.

They hiked the woods for hours, until they found a nice, flat area that was concealed but suitable for camp. Lotus started grabbing leafy, soft branches to line the ground.

“What are you doing?” Omega noticed how much darker the area had gotten, and activated a small penlight he’d swiped from Weil.

"We should also guard ourselves against the elements, night is coming."

"Oh.  …Have you done this before?”

Lotus didn’t answer, and continued with the shelter, making it blend in with the surroundings but protecting against wind and rain. She cut branches to make them interlock, and tied them with wires from the dead Mechaniloid and spool.

"So we set up camp here, then?  We will have to take this apart tomorrow.”

"Of course."

Omega gazed to where they had come from, “Not sure how far we are, but humans will have trouble finding us, hopefully.”

"Yes, and he cannot navigate woods like this without help. But I am not done." Lotus began to make tripwires and booby traps. "You can detect them, and so can I. But many humans cannot."

“Yes.  Perhaps you are more intelligent than you let on.”

Lotus made a sour expression to that comment, but continued.  "I had to learn. I had escaped before. But they always caught me in time. But with you... We can finally be free."

"Not until we accomplish full extermination of humans.”

"Of course. But this is just the first step." Lotus sat down, and started whittling a stick with one of the blades she had stolen from Weil.  Omega watched her, and Lotus made an offer, "I can teach you."

“Hm?  What could you teach me?”

"You might lose your blade. You need to stay armed." Lotus demonstrated whittling the stick. “I will add a spine from this Mechaniloid. I may need to find another.  But a spear is a good start.”  Lotus shared the blade with Omega, teaching him how to whittle the stick and make a groove for the spine. Then, she wrapped it in wire.  After that lesson, Lotus took Omega hunting for more small Mechaniloids. More of the bug-like ones were speared on the tools they had created, and a Met was flipped and killed for its helmet. Once the useable materials were stripped, Lotus buried the remains.  During this time, that feeling in Omega’s chest became nagging.  It became near overwhelming as they paused before sleep, and Lotus braided his hair, securing it into a bun.  Omega had long bought into the training Dr. Weil gave him, the programming, and the promise of full power.  But here, in the wild, he had to depend on Lotus and the skills she had to teach.

The pair rested that night, with Lotus making sure Omega had the bulk of the space. She slept in a tight curl, growling softly in her sleep.

Omega stayed awake.  He stared at Lotus, and reached for her, promising softly, “No human will harm you again.” He hesitated, that nagging feeling wanting him to embrace her.  Pushing it away, Omega lay down, and finally went to sleep. 

That morning, Lotus packed what she could carry, and destroyed the shelter. However, she left several traps up, knowing that if Weil was to come after them he'd likely find this trail. She waited for Omega.

Omega had his blade and pistol at his side, spear in his hands.  He smirked, still a bit tired, “Let’s go.”

"Good. We must continue." Lotus made sure Omega was not far from her as they traveled.  They dodged clearings where they could be spotted, killed Mechaniloids, and paused to rest as needed.

Hearing the soft sounds of others, Lotus paused, listening.  “I know those voices…  They are Counterfeits.  They must have a settlement nearby.”

The pair continued on, following the voices.  They finally came upon the settlement. It was modest, and built using scrap and whatever else was useable. Some Counterfeits looked almost human, while others had blends of animalistic parts. They were making weaponry, as if preparing for something.

"Omega, when we approach, keep your weapons down, but visible. Please let me lead." Lotus looked ahead, watching the Counterfeits for a moment before coming from the woods and into the clearing.

The Counterfeits took notice of Lotus, and drew their weapons. Still, their weapons were kept down, just like Lotus had hers. "Lotus. You've escaped," a bull-like one commented.

"Yes, and I bring an ally." Turning to the woods, Lotus gestured to Omega to come forward.  The Reploid nodded, standing beside Lotus, as if they were equals.

"He's... ...perfect..." A small feminine Counterfeit marveled.

The bull-like Counterfeit nodded, "We have heard rumor of you. It seems numerous owners were selling Counterfeits to your owner. But you have escaped. Why is that?"

Omega finally spoke, “I have seen the true enemy.  My own master.”

The bull chuckled, "I am Terrortaur. I am one of the defense warriors of this group, and caretaker of children. Come. Let me show you around."  Lotus, glancing to Omega, went to follow Terrortaur.  Counterfeits stared at the newcomers, and three children, crowded Terrortaur. "And these are the children. Not many, but they are our treasure. Please be good influences on them."

Lotus smiled, "Hello."

"Er, we haven't gotten names for them yet. That will come when the time is right." Terrortaur picked one up. "But they are loved here, with us."

One wolf-like child gawked at Omega, staring up at him with red eyes. "Wow..."

Omega remained silent, but finally knelt to this child’s height.  He had never seen a child before, much less one with canine-like features.

Other Counterfeits greeted Omega and Lotus. They all met up in the center of the village. Terroratur and the small female Counterfeit, Minuet, addressed the crowd. "Omega and Lotus are welcome here. As both are experienced warriors, they are crucial for what may be coming." Minuet paused, "Humans have created another fighting compound just a mile from here. They are armed, and likely making and fighting ones like us as we speak. We have to take action. I am open to strategic input."

 "We all know what could likely happen if we draw any human blood. But this is becoming a threat that will spread to Reploids, no matter how different we are!" snarled a tigress fighter. "But we have numbers now, and knowledge of this untamed area."

"Omega, you are a Reploid..." Minuet paused, "You had a human owner. Is this true? Will humanity not stop at creating and enslaving Counterfeits?"

Omega took a step forward "…My owner wishes for all Reploids to obey humanity.  They will stop at nothing to keep us under foot.  Counterfeits are only the start of humans’ desire to conquer us.”

"So we leave no survivors?" Minuet asked.

Omega paused, not noticing the small wolf child was again at his side.  He listened to the proposed strategies, until asking, “What are your weapons made of?  Just scrap and wood?”

"Yes," Terrortaur replied. "It is all we have."

"Good." Omega smiled, "Point me in the direction of the settlement.”


“I will be back by sunset, in the meantime, start packing.  There is a mountain range that will be better to settle.  We must make distance, if my plan is to succeed.”


Omega noticed the wolf child, and knelt down, “You keep Lotus company, okay?”  He then went on his journey, muttering, “Can’t blame the Counterfeits if it’s all done by beam and plasma…”

The fighting compound was once a small recreation center. Cages now lined a hallway, where fighters were kept. A pen had younger Counterfeits that still needed trained. The empty swimming pool was the main fighting pit. Spectators took bets on fighters, while the Counterfeits' owners fought their creations to the death.

A Counterfeit screamed as they were revived via jumper cables and a battery. Counterfeit and Reploid parts were hung up for sale. It was a nightmarish place.

Omega hid his emotions about the place, not able to afford being seen among the horrors reaffirming his newfound hatred of humanity.  He noticed a worker leaving the main electrical room, propping the door open and moving past a recently-slaughtered Reploid.

"Power's on. We'll have lights tonight, and a better Revival Station. When's the shipment?"

"Tomorrow. They won't notice anything but alleys cleared of homeless Reploids. We'll have plenty of parts for sale."

"Any youngins?"

"Maybe. I swear these rugrats are annoying." The second worker noticed the propped door. "Lock still busted?"


Omega watched, and pulled out his pistol.  “No survivors…” he whispered.

"This time, when slaughtering, save as much blood as you can. Transfusions are getting popular."

"Yeah, and that one lady. Sheesh she uses Bloodlust Blitz on all her works. Glad that one slag she called a fighter hasn't come back. What was her name? Rose?"

"Lotus. That one was a bitch to death with. Still put up a good fight. Glad she's gone though."

"I would have had that slag slaughtered and parted out! Worth more in pieces than whole!"

Offended, Omega activated the silencer on his pistol.  He aimed, and pulled the trigger.  The worker fell, killed instantly. The second worker screamed, and attempted to flee. He foolishly ran to the electrical room.  Omega didn’t move, and had a clear shot of the now-cornered worker.  He pulled the trigger.  With both workers dead, the electrical room was open and unguarded.  Omega began destroying breakers with his blade, causing a blackout.  He grinned at the screams, and activated his thermal view.  As more workers ran to investigate, Omega continued his assault. 

A fight operator peeked in, and spoke into his radio, "Active shooter. Evacuate."

"No survivors…” Omega took his blade, slicing apart any human that went to stop him.  Panicked spectators and workers ended up bottlenecking at one of the few exits. Several Counterfeits escaped and attacked each other and several humans. The young Counterfeits huddled in the corner, crying.

“Maverick!” someone screamed, as Omega targeted humans and allied Reploids, separating out the Counterfeits and sparing them. 

Once it was over, Omega picked through the dead, ensuring they were all dead.  “Come with me,” he ordered the Counterfeits.  “Take your young, do not stray from me.  Do not fight each other.”

Reluctantly, the Counterfeits followed Omega, an uneasy peace between them.

By sundown, as promised, the villagers saw Omega arrive with the rescued. Terrortaur immediately tended to the four children rescued. Others greeted and showed the rescued around.

Lotus ran to Omega, who was gazing at where he had just been.  Lotus noticed where he was looking. She joined him. "They are all gone?"

"Yes.  But now we must move.  Those humans and Reploids had families.  Neo Arcadia will be looking for them.  I have planted explosives, the ones from the lab.  And if some Reploids had transmitted the attacks before I killed them…”

"We will have to move, I take it. If they realize you are here.”

The message spread, and packing was hastened. Terrortaur looked after the children with Minuet as the shelters were dismantled and what could be carried was packed.  Omega kept watch over the village overnight, as the others rested.  Lotus slept near the children, the small wolf child curled up beside her.


The next morning, the group left, journeying away from the human settlements.  Terrortaur and Minuet led the group, and they let Omega and Lotus bring up the rear to protect the stragglers. The one red-eyed wolf child insisted he walk with Omega and Lotus, "Omega, if I grow up, I wanna be like you."

Omega paused, before shaking his head, not used to a child’s admiration, “No, kid.  You will be better than me.  You will grow up and be happy, and not have to struggle.”

"Really?" The child asked

Lotus smiled, and glanced around to see if anything was there.

When the group paused to rest, the child was still near Omega, though Lotus made sure the child wasn't bothering Omega too much.  Terrortaur got out the provisions for the children, and fed them better quality slag mixed with an E Crystal.

Climbing some rocks, Omega watched over the group, making sure no Mechaniloids or drones had spotted them. 

Lotus watched Omega, but decided he likely needed to be alone. She played with the red wolf child so he would not follow his idol.

Omega stared off at the mountains ahead, their goal.  Hopefully, there would be a vein of E Crystals to feed them.  This would be their stronghold against humans.  His gaze wandered to Lotus, and again, that feeling in his chest.  ‘What is this?  Why do I feel like this when I look at her?’

"Something on your mind?" Minuet asked, standing a distance from Omega.

Omega turned to Minuet "Hm?  No.  Just scouting our goal.”  He pointed at the mountains.

"A lot of us think back to our old owners. We just have to move on and not look back with too much fondness." Minuet smiled, "Even their acts of supposed kindness were done to secure their bottom line. If the humans and Reploids do not want us, then we will live without them."

"Hmph. I wouldn’t really call Weil my ‘owner.’”

"I am guessing you were the Favorite. I was as well."

"I was his only one.”

Listening, Minuet would take momentary glances around them. "I understand. To resent being so spoiled that you failed to see the suffering others endured. You blame them for it. But the moment you falter..." Minuet found herself looking at the children. "Little Red, the one who has taken a liking to you. I couldn't hurt him. I was told to kill him."

Omega raised an eyebrow "... Why ?"

"He had drawn blood from a human. He was only playing... But since he drew blood, he was to be killed." She sighed. "I ran away with Little Red and two others. I then found Terrortaur."

"Blood..." Omega murmured.

Minuet nodded, "He fails to realize how strong he is, Little Red. Counterfeits have to be fully subservient to humans, and never harm them. Those that do are slaughtered for parts." She grew silent, and sniffled, "We feel and think, just like humans and Reploids. But if we get caught, we will all die.  Anyway... You should join the others, we'll depart soon"

"Yes, keep moving onward.” Omega picked up the spear, and rejoined the group with Minuet.  Lotus joined Omega at the rear, holding Little Red’s hand.

The forest grew darker and quieter, as the sun slowly sank down below the horizon. The group had made headway in making their way to the mountain range.

The Counterfeits repaired to settle down for sleep. They covered the ground with the scrap they carried to guard from the cold ground. Temporary shelters went up. Lotus helped catch small Mechaniloids for her and other blood drinkers.

"You should go rest, Omega..."

Omega turned, expecting Minuet.  It was Lotus.  "I don't really sleep.... Plus I think I've been sleeping long enough."

"Are you sure?" Lotus asked. "At least let me guard with you."

“If you want.” Omega shifted over to give Lotus space.

Sitting beside Omega, she gazed over the resting group. "I take you covered up our tracks?" she asked.

Omega grinned, “Of course.”

"Thank you. I'm glad we are out here. Once we reach the mountain range, we will be safe."

Omega looked at Lotus "I should thank you.”  He leaned to initiate a nuzzle. 

Lotus gasped, before smiling. She bowed her head down slightly, in disbelief, nuzzling his forehead.  They both stared at each other in the eyes, dim gray against warm red.  Omega found himself wanting more, hoping Dr. Weil would just die from anything.  World domination by Dr. Weil was just a fantasy now, and life among the Counterfeits was the new goal.  Soon, Reploids could join, creating a new race of Counterfeits and Reploids.  “Lotus, I…  Thank you…”

An explosion woke everyone up. Lotus listened, and called, "It is miles away. There is no reason to panic or evacuate."

Omega looked at his internal clock, “It’s just the compound.  Finally.  Told you it was going to be a big one.”

"It's in the right direction." Lotus nodded, "Yes, it's likely the compound."

Omega watched, hoping the next set of explosions would be heard from the settlement, to erase the presence of the Counterfeits.  ‘Shit.  Was that a dud?’ he thought.  He let out an audible sound of relief when the next explosions echoed through the air.  “It’s over now, everyone!” he called.

"You outdid yourself, Omega." Lotus grinned. "They won't find where we were.

"... And they won’t tie you all to it.”

Suddenly, Lotus embraced Omega, laughing, "You really do think this all through!"

Omega jumped, not used to this sort of contact.  “Please let go, Lotus…” ‘Please, do not let go…’

"Hm?"  Lotus let go of Omega, but not before nuzzling his head for just a second, leaving Omega unable to speak.  Lotus smiled, and then resumed watching over the group. Little Red was with Terrortaur, fast asleep in a pile of other young ones. The newly rescued had found mentors in the community, and stayed with them.  Omega found himself wanting, and he stared at Lotus.  He eyed those scars of hers; admiring the battles she won and lost.  He shook his head when he thought of her torn lips.


By morning, the Counterfeits had regrouped and readied to make their way to the mountains. Two of their quickest went to scout ahead on the best way into the range.  Omega was still in the back.  Little Red held Lotus' hand, still marveling at Omega. The other children walked with Terrortaur.

"Omega, are you all right?" Lotus asked, noticing that Omega seemed to lag behind in exhaustion.

"I’ll be fine, with a night’s sleep…” Omega smiled warmly.

"You need to sleep. You've done so much."

Little Red puffed out his chest. "I can guard!"

"Wait until you are a little older, Little Red..." Lotus chuckled, "You need to rest if you are to grow up big and strong."

Omega nodded, “She is right.”

"One day, you will be a good protector." Lotus glanced over to the group, as they made sure to stay together.

The group stopped to rest around midday, just a mile from the foot of the mountains. A river coursed nearby. Now was the time for someone else to guard the group, and the previous guards to rest. Lotus found a nice flat area near the river, gazing into the water as she nodded off.

Omega leaned against a tree, watching Lotus.  He contemplated his feelings for her.  Dr. Weil had talked about romance in humans, and that any like emotion in Reploids was mere imitation.  So why did this all feel so…  Real?’  He didn’t want to ask Lotus about it.  He mused to himself about their technical incompatibility.  Frustrated and now restless, Omega got up to assist with preparations to continue the hike.

Minuet went to Omega. "Go rest. You have watched over us for two nights."

"Will do tonight... don't worry I still can work. Been through worse."

"Rest, please." Minuet sighed, "You are an astounding Reploid. But even you need to recuperate after all you have done for us."

"We need to reach those mountains.”

"We are still waiting for our scouts to return."

"So I will watch over the rest of the group,” Omega argued.

"We have others watching." Minuet gestured to two larger Counterfeits, who were well-rested and guarding.

"Minuet, I know what I am doing!” he hissed.

Lotus stirred slightly, and stared at Omega and Minuet. She blinked slowly, before hugging Little Red closer to her and going back to sleep.

Omega sat on a rock, “I was built for war.  I know what I can and cannot do, Minuet.”

Woken up again by the arguing, Lotus got up, and went to Omega. She grabbed his arm and dragged him to her napping spot. 

“Lotus!  Hey!” 

Lotus let go of Omega, glaring up at him as she lay down. Little Red leaned on her, yawning. Lotus kept sleepily staring at Omega.

Flustered at the thought of napping next to Lotus, Omega returned to the tree he was leaning on before.  He mouthed “Happy now?” to Minuet.

The scouts returned two hours later, having found a safe path to start into the mountain range. They had also located a potential abandoned cache of E Crystals.

“About time…” Omega got up, and picked up his weapons.    Lotus carried Little Red, who was still sleepy.

Omega was gazing around, thinking of the mountains that lay ahead.  Caves would be optimal, as they could set up a village hidden away from the world.  With how few E Crystals the Counterfeits needed, a large cache could last years.   The climbing began, and the Counterfeits were careful as they ventured to where the scouts had found the new settlement area.  Little Red had woken up by now, and rejoined the other children as Terrortaur helped them climb tricky areas.

The Counterfeits moved past obstacles together, and Omega could see a community already forming among them.  Realizing he had fallen behind, Omega dashed up to the group.  Lotus helped a Counterfeit who had slipped on the rocks. They were almost to the mouth of the caves.  Omega was eager, a new energy in his body.  This was it.  He was finally free of Dr. Weil, free from humanity’s hold.  He scaled the rocks to reach the cave just after the scouts.

He entered the cave, awestruck by the size.  “This is…  This is home.  But we have much to do.”  His energy sensor went off, indicating low power.  Omega sat, and saw that the scouts found the cache of E Crystals, enough to feed an army. They brought one to Omega, and then passed out pieces to the rest of the group.  “Thank you…”

Lotus was content with a palm sized fragment, and Little Red happily ate his.

The scouts ate and continued explorations. They retracted their spindly legs to get past narrow passageways, making internal maps.

Little Red chattered to Lotus. "You think Omega can teach me?"

"If he wants to, maybe." Lotus smiled, “Since nobody's looking for us, we should be safe here.”


That night, there was celebration of finding the new home and finally being free from humans. Counterfeits sang and danced.

Lotus was exploring, and found a deep waterfall, where a crack in the surface allowed light to pour into the chamber. She looked up at the moon, and then at the water.  By midnight, Lotus had fallen asleep by the waterfall, the roaring water soothing her audio receptors.

Omega rested in a quiet pocket, with Little Red next to him.  Waking, Omega picked Little Red up, and went searching for Lotus.  He found her, and smiled at how lovely she looked sleeping.  He gasped when she moved and woke up, “Did I wake you?”

"It's all right. It's just lovely here. This spot in particular."

“This is a nice spot.” Omega set Little Red down by Lotus, before going to look at the falls.

"If it wasn't for you... You saved us. Now we are free." Lotus stroked Little Red’s head, "I didn't intend for us to get this far, but I'm glad we did."

"You saved me, Lotus.”

"The threat isn't over. Weil is still looking for you. We may have to leave this group to protect them."

"I can go my own way, Lotus.  You can stay and protect this community.”

"I will go with you, Omega."

Omega turned, staring at Lotus.  He approached her.  “You will come?”

Lotus bowed her head, nudging Omega's forehead.

"Oh Lotus…” That ache of wanting showed in Omega’s eyes, and he embraced Lotus.

Curious, Lotus nuzzled Omega's head again, noticing how still he was.  Omega sighed, and planted his lips on hers, kissing her softly.    This came as a surprise to Lotus, but she obliged. She wrapped her arms around Omega, allowing him to explore.  She giggled slightly as he played with the torn parts of her lip.  Lotus nuzzled Omega once she pulled away. "You are perfect."

“No.  Not without you…”

Lotus leaned to kiss him again.  For once, she was calm, and happy. With Omega, she was free to be who she truly was. They had led Counterfeits to safety in these deep caves. "Omega... I love you."

“I…  I love you.”  Omega held her close.  To think that at one point, he thought of Lotus as a mere toy, a life to play with and end.  Now, he was here, with this Counterfeit in his arms, professing his true feelings, satiating that feeling in his chest.

Somehow, Lotus had fallen asleep in Omega's arms. She was completely relaxed, her head against his chest.  The night was long, cool, and peaceful. At some point, Little Red had woken up, seeking attention from them. Lotus stroked the little one's head until she fell back to sleep. In her mind, Lotus was certainly open to the idea of adopting Little Red as her own.

Omega noticed how Little Red had taken to Lotus, and pondered about the idea of taking the child as his own.  He would have a son, someone to teach and guide through life away from humans.


The cave was suddenly filled with screams as dawn came.

Omega was awoken by the screams.  Lotus also woke up, and clutched Little Red close to her.  "Stay here with Red, I'll see what's happening," Omega grabbed his saber, and ran to the central chamber.  Upon reaching the chamber, he gasped and ducked back when he saw Maverick Hunter forces surrounding the Counterfeits. A barrage of flash grenades blinded the Counterfeits, and Minuet and Terrortaur were dragged forward, thrown before a cross Reploid.

Minuet glared up at this Hunter. "Why are you here? We have no desire to harm humanity! Let us alone!"

The Hunters rounded up the Counterfeits.  “You are flawed, and thus must be humanely destroyed.” The Hunter stated coldly.

“No!” Omega called out.

The Counterfeits looked to Omega. They needed his help now. Minuet kept her gaze on the lead Hunter. "Why are you here? Please, tell us!"

Terrortaur bellowed, pleading for the lives of the children.

The Hunters noticed Omega "Who.... who's that?  Zero?"

Omega stared at these Hunters, body shaking.  “You harm a single one of them…  I will end you.”

Hunters had the group surrounded, sparing no one. The compactor's grinder was started up, metal teeth churning as a Hunter sprayed lubricant.  Some of the Hunters shot at Omega, as others started killing the Counterfeits, tossing them into the grinder.

“Zero, what has happened to you?” a Maverick Hunter called.

Omega dodged and used his blade to block the plasma shots and bullets.  His body shone with renewed energy. Omega took his sword, and with a mad smile, answered, "I am not Zero.  I am the Maverick who's going to slaughter every single one of you!” He attacked the Hunters killing the Counterfeits.

A Hunter made it past Omega, and spotted Lotus and Little Red. He raised his gun, and fired. Lotus screamed, and panicked. She clutched Little Red, and jumped down the waterfall and into the rushing water below.

“Lotus?  Lotus!” Omega shot at the lead Hunter, and ran to the waterfall, killing the Reploid who made Lotus leap to her likely death.

The lead Hunter followed, “Zero, you Maverick.  You will certainly be a prize when I drag you back.  You were never to be trusted!”

The remaining Hunters kept processing Counterfeits, no longer caring if they were alive or dead. The grinder took little time in killing and making shrapnel of them.

Omega finally beheaded the lead Hunter, and raced to save what Counterfeits were left.  There had to be several left!

An electrical shock suddenly tore through Omega’s body, and he fell to his knees.  He gasped and tried to move, his sensors alight with warnings.  “No…”  Before his eyes, all the Counterfeits and Hunters lay dead.

“That’s quite enough, Omega.” Dr. Weil smirked.  “My, you’ve done quite a bit here, my Messiah.”

 “W-Weil…  How did you…”

“It’s Lord Weil, did you forget?” Dr. Weil smirked as his drones dragged a soaked Lotus and Little Red to them.  “I knew only a sophisticated Reploid would know how to attack and cover their tracks.  The bombings of the compound and of the Feral settlement were too predictable of you.  And the blast signatures?  Clearly explosives stolen from my lab.”  Turning to see Lotus and Little Red, Dr. Weil laughed, “And there is the Counterfeit who led you astray.  Figures you would mimic human desires if I kept her too long.  And who is this?”  He prodded Little Red.

“L-leave him alone!” stammered Omega.

“Oh?” Dr. Weil kicked the small Counterfeit, drawing a gasp from Lotus.  “I know you two are incompatible, and with this short span of time…  Did you really want this, Omega?”  Glaring down at Little Red, Weil asked, “Who is this Reploid of mine to you?”

Little Red started to cry, terrified.

Dr. Weil sniffed, “Well, with the losses I had to deal with for your little ‘vacation’, I will just have to sell the tyke for parts.  Drones, shut all three off and take them to my lab.”

"No... No..." Lotus rattled. "Not Little Red..."

The drones shut Little Red off, and then proceeded to shut off Lotus for transport.

“Lotus!  No!” Omega cried out.

Dr. Weil laughed again, “Emotional, aren’t we?  Nothing more than mimicry.  You are just imitating human patterns replicated into robots.”  He then shut Omega off.


Lotus awoke with a start. She had been chained to the wall and floor, unable to move. She screamed. Screamed for Omega, Little Red, anyone...

There was a rumble as a sliding door opened.  Bright lights shone down, obscuring what was emerging.  A massive Reploid in silver and crimson armor, a magnificent sword in hand, stepped into the room.

"Omega!" she called out.

The Reploid was silent, and inside it, the real Omega struggled against the control Dr. Weil now had over this new armor.  “L-Lotus!”  He took the sword in his hand, advancing towards her.

"Omega...” Her voice was softer now. "Omega, please... No."

“Lotus…” he murmured.

"Omega," Weil's voice echoed in the room "Don’t think I don’t learn from my mistakes.  End her.”

The body Omega was trapped in pointed the immense, cross-shaped blade at Lotus, dwarfing her.  It shivered with Omega’s hesitancy. 

Lotus stared at Omega, eyes pleading. "I love you..."

“I…  Love... You…”  With that, the blade was shoved into Lotus’ chest, easily halving her.  But Lotus did not die instantly.  “Lotus…”

“…Omega…” The dim light in her eyes faded, turning slate.  The blade was pulled away, and Omega knelt to hold her one last time in his hand.  His body locked up, and drones took Lotus’ body from him for scrapping.  He roared as he watched her go, to be disposed of like trash.

Weil watched this, and chuckled, “Did you really love her?  The fake?  Ha!  Now I know what sort of attitude adjustments you need.”

"Why?”  Omega managed to utter.

"Why?  Reploids are mere things for us humans.  But with advanced AIs, you robots began to imitate human behaviors.  It was a cute novelty, but one that became out of control.  I will nip this in the bud with you, and all Reploids.  X was a mistake.”

Omega was allowed to move again, and the new armor took him to the lab.  Omega was removed, and laid on a table, strapped.  Dr. Weil placed a helmet on Omega, “Time for your final adjustments, my pet.  When you wake, you will be the Messiah of my new world.”

As Omega succumbed to the reprogramming, he saw what appeared to be a pale blue moth flutter towards him.  He reached for it, and then it all went black.

From his lips, one last phrase, “I am the Messiah”

The end

When Love Must Die 2/2

Dr. Weil is almost ready to seize the Mother Elf, and unleash Omega upon the world to begin what will be known as humanity’s bloodiest war.  However, with the acquisition of a Counterfeit Reploid, Omega begins to question what he really wants.

Omega/OC PG-13 for language and violence

Special thanks to Technowolf on Discord for helping with base plots, and @dkayproductions for reviewing

MegaMan Zero (c) Capcom and Inti Creates

Lotus (c) me

Dr. Weil had returned to his secret facility. Two drones carried a crate to an enclosure that had been built the night before. "Put it in there. Make sure the enclosure is secure before you let it out." Making his way to a capsule, Dr. Weil read the information gathered from the last tests of Omega. "Hm, still needs adjustment. Let's see what has changed from yesterday." Dr. Weil pressed a button to call for Omega.  "Omega." Weil's tone was firm and commanding. "I went and got you another Counterfeit. This time, do not kill it."

There was silence on the other end of the intercom, and finally, the door opened.  Omega sidled into the room, his red eyes gleaming.  He smirked when he saw the cage, but frowned when he heard his master’s instructions.

"If you kill this one, I will not replace it like I did the others."

“Heh, if these fakes weren’t so shoddily built…”  Omega hissed.

Dr. Weil paused, before continuing.  "This one is a little different. I found a strain of Counterfeits that seem to be more durable when it comes to injury. Pit Fighters, disgusting bastardizations of Mavericks and Reploids. I need more data on you, and will take data from this one as well." Weil waved to beckon Omega to follow him. "Let see if it has woken up."

In the enclosure, a Counterfeit was removed from the crate. She was feminine in build, aged from constant battle. Crazed lines revealed past paint jobs, and their body was a roadmap of scratches, scrapes, and scars. This Counterfeit was still, quiet and staring with dim, gray eyes. A low growl rumbled in her throat.

“Disgusting…” Omega commented, “Ugly.”

"Yes, this one isn't too attractive,” lamented Weil, “I was told this one was more durable, which is why I bought it. According to its owners, it survived quite a few death battles in the pits. Still, I do not want to have to keep getting you more Reploids and Counterfeits for the time being. If you want to become a god, learn some patience."

"Patience? Ha!” Omega toyed with the handle of his saber.  “I want a challenge.  When will the war start, Lord Weil?  Why are you making me wait?”

"Soon, Omega.  As soon as I secure that last, necessary piece." Weil smirked, thinking of the Mother Elf, before reassuring, “I'll see to it that you become what you are destined to be. But for that, you must obey my commands."

The Counterfeit in the enclosure let out a grunt. She watched the two keenly, noting that Omega was clearly a well cared-for Reploid, with perfect build and appearance. However, she already began to spot the weak areas, areas to exploit when they would inevitably fight.

Weil summoned his drones. "Escort our little pet to the training gym. Omega, know this is the last toy I am buying for you for now.  Play nicely!"

The drones opened the enclosure, and grabbed the Counterfeit to take them to the training gym. The gym still had Reploid and Counterfeit bodies littering the floor, and the scent of stagnant blood substitute hung heavy in the air. The Counterfeit started to struggle, her Pit Fighter programming revving into action.  She gnashed her teeth, squirming and lunging.

“Is this really the best one you could have gotten?  Look at it.  An animal.” Omega stretched, “Heh, she will be easy.”

"Its past matches seemed promising." Weil watched the drones give the Counterfeit her weapon: a sword clearly made from scrap metal. "Ah, a traditionally forged sword. I haven't seen that in some time.”

Drawing his saber, Omega laughed, “Just a toy.  You are no match for me, fake.”

Dr. Weil stepped out of the room, with a last reminder, "Don't kill it."

The Counterfeit braced herself, holding her sword. Her eyes trained on the weak areas she saw earlier.  Omega lunged forth, and went for the Counterfeit’s chest.  She ducked, and ran behind Omega. She grabbed his arm, jabbing into the shoulder joint.  Omega thrashed his head back, swinging around to strike with the hilt of his blade.  Grabbing Omega's hair, the Counterfeit tugged, jabbing him with another, stashed weapon: a thin blade meant for piercing between plating. In several quick swipes, wires were being disconnected. Dr. Weil glared, but took notes.

Omega broke free, eyes flashing orange with rage.  “You…”  He fired two shots with his pistol.

The Counterfeit got on all fours, leaping and ducking. She grunted as the first shot grazed their side. She lunged at Omega, jabbing again.  Omega waited to see where the Counterfeit would land, and then quickly raised his saber.  A bright wave of energy raced towards the Counterfeit, making her tumble back. She shook off the hit, before pausing.


They could taste it from the facial injury.

Omega laughed at this display, “It’s just a little bit of blood, fake!”  He positioned himself to go in for the kill.

Suddenly, the Counterfeit full on attacked. She stabbed between his plating in a flurry, chomping down on his neck, using a blade to loosen the protective plates. The beastly Counterfeit chewed and began actively drinking Omega's blood.

Damaged, Omega grabbed the Counterfeit, wrenching her off of him.  He charged a shot, “You SAVAGE!!”  He threw his charged fist to the ground, setting off an explosion that overtook the both of them.

Dr. Weil had seen enough, and shocked both of them until they were immobile.  Drones took Omega and the Counterfeit for repairs.

“HEY!” Omega protested.  “I WASN’T DONE!”

"You did enough damage for now, Omega." Dr. Weil adjusted the straps keeping Omega on the table. Drones started repairs on the Counterfeit. "It seems this was a good purchase. This one actually survived longer than several minutes."  Dr. Weil put his hands on Omega's neck, and got out the spot soldering tool. "So it is true, that one. Beyond bloodlust, it is actually semi-cannibalistic. Oh, its name is Lotus, by the way. That's what its past owner named it."

“Her name doesn’t matter.  I will kill her.” Seething, Omega glared at Lotus, “You hear that, animal?  I’ll kill you…”

"You will, yes. But not now. I still need to study it." Dr. Weil glanced at the Counterfeit, who was quiet. "Lotus has some interesting programming. I will run tests on it before it goes back in its kennel."  The drones finished the repairs, and Weil proceeded to command the drones to re-wire the damaged areas of Omega. "Now I do need to take samples from you, Lotus." He grabbed her arm, and coaxed the blades from the underside of the forearm. "Omega knows how much I dislike rewiring." Taking pliers, Weil grabbed the blade, pulling and twisting before it broke off. Lotus yelped and snarled. "Hush or the muzzle comes out." Dr. Weil reminded, as he yanked out the other one. He patted her head. "Be a good girl.  I'll keep you both strapped for a time. You are free to talk to each other." Dr. Weil chuckled. "You will never leave me."

Lotus was silent on the table. Machines were hooked up to her to scan and study her software. She trembled lightly.

The drones fixed the wiring and plating on Omega, and started buffing the repairs. The hum of the buffer tools and the machines were the only sounds in the room. It calmed the red Reploid, nearly lulling him to sleep.  Lotus turned her head to look at Omega again. He was clearly a pampered one, with how drones made sure he looked perfect. One even combed the red Reploid's flowing blond hair.  Omega seemed to have grown used to this treatment, not even showing how much he enjoyed it.  Finally, she broke the silence, "Who are you?"

“Feh.  You are looking at your Messiah.”

"You are clearly... The favorite."

“Are you too stupid to listen?  I am beyond the favorite, fake.”  Omega glanced at her, “I am the Great Weapon who will bring my master to power.”

Lotus didn't say anything to that. Drones went to her, removing the straps and pulling her back to her enclosure.

Dr. Weil had returned, removing the straps from Omega. Lotus was secured into her kennel, and she just stared at them. "Entertaining one, isn't it?  This has yielded some valuable data. I'm sure this one will be a bit more amusing to you." Weil smirked, "We just need time, and let those fools think you've gone away, just for a bit. Then, they will not expect your reign."

Lotus, now alone in her enclosure, found some debris from the crate she had been brought in. Looking around, she grabbed several nails and hid them. Taking one, she began to use the concrete floor to start sharpening and flattening it.

Omega made a face as Dr. Weil went to his computers, before glaring sourly at Lotus.  He watched her take the debris, and would kick some more at her from time to time.  “Stupid, savage toy…” he grumbled.


The next day, Dr. Weil had Lotus prepared to fight Omega again. This time, she had a beam blade similar to his, though Weil could turn it on and off remotely. "All right, Omega. Have at it. But as I said, do not kill it."

“No promises…” Omega activated his saber.

Lotus countered, blocking the first strike with the blade. She parried and thrust forward, clearly understanding swordsmanship.  Her eyes, though, trained on those openings, waiting to simply rip into his throat again. Lotus had learned from her last fight on when to duck, when to leap, and when to stab at him.

Omega suddenly jumped up high, slamming his blade to the ground and sending a shockwave.  “Dodge this!”

Lotus leaped up as he hit the ground, and dashed to get behind him.  Just as she pounced, Omega started to vanish.  Lotus clung to the ground, eyes darting to look for him.

Appearing in front of her, Omega laughed and rushed forth, “Soul Body!” A shadow of him struck her.

Lotus was hit, her blade knocked from her hand. She tumbled and skidded across the ground, stunned and scrabbling for stability.

“NOW DIE!”  Omega took his saber, swiping to cut her legs off.

Lotus leaped out of the way, and used a wall as a springboard. She tackled Omega, and jabbed him with something sharp just under the collar area before jumping back.

Ignoring the pain alarms in his head, Omega smirked as he watched Lotus grab the saber she dropped. “You want me to do it slowly, then?  Thought you’d never ask…”  He was nonchalant as he approached.  “Soul Body…”  The phantom of him appeared, gun cracking off a plasma shot.

Lotus screamed, a hole blown into her side. Still, she wasn't dead. "Bloodlust Blitz!" she screamed. She was a blur as she attacked Omega. Teeth gnashed and tore into him.  Plates ripped clean from his chest, face, and neck.

Omega bellowed in shock, grabbing Lotus’ head and smashing it into the ground.  “G-GET OFF ME YOU BEAST!” His sensors all screamed at once, his blood spilling onto the floor.  “Lord Weil!”

Finally, Dr. Weil shocked them both. Lotus screeched and deactivated. Drones were quick to tend to Omega first, placing stabilizing patches on the hemorrhaging wounds.  Dr. Weil silently watched his creation slip in and out of shock as he was taken for repair.  Then, he went to Lotus, “Fix it.  I want to know what set this beast off.”  Drones dragged Lotus off, letting her blood streak the floor.

Dr. Weil gave an amused tisk as he approached Omega, "Seems that Counterfeit was worth every Zenny I paid. But it will learn to obey. Now let's see what it jabbed you with..."

“What…  What is she?  A Maverick?” Omega winced as Dr. Weil placed his hands on a patch.

Grabbing some tools, Dr. Weil mused, "No, it isn't. A creature below even the most inferior of Reploids." He found the nails, and began pulling them out. "...It barbed these. Maybe it's more intelligent than I thought." He glanced at the drones repairing Lotus. "Take more samples, and copy this 'Bloodlust Blitz' for study."

"Kill her, Lord Weil…  She will turn on us.”

"They gave me effective tools to control it, Omega." The mad doctor smirked, and Omega could see the drones bolting down chains in the enclosure, and a shock collar placed on Lotus. "Make sure it cannot move. We don't need to be pulling more nails out of Omega."


Dr. Weil had brought Omega E Crystals to eat. Lotus was near immobile in her enclosure, and Weil threw in some grayish, pebble-like material at her before using a tool to slip the muzzle off of her. "Eat up, monster. That's all you are getting."  Lotus managed to pick up a few of the pebbles, her bound hands struggling to grasp the material. Still, she ate what she could reach, not daring to even look at what Omega had.

Omega gleefully took his Crystals, and took a good look at what Lotus had: E Crystal slag, literal trash.  Lotus ate her slag quietly, far more subdued than before.  Omega casually tossed a generously sized E Crystal to her, “Eat that.  I won’t let hunger dampen my battles with you.  Monster.”  He watched Lotus take a bite of the E Crystal, and glared as she only ate half.  “Already done?”  He took back the E Crystal half, surprised that half of just one crystal filled her up.

Lotus tried to find a comfortable position to rest. She watched Omega, though. She could see why he was the Favorite. She shut her eyes when Dr. Weil arrived.

"I see the two of you are getting along a lot better. I'm sure you both are itching to fight again soon, yes?" Dr. Weil taunted, mostly aiming his tone at Lotus.  Neither Omega nor Lotus answered.  "But now you are both fed. Omega, I have updates for you, along with several new techniques from my research. And you, Lotus..." He smirked as Lotus cringed, "Be good. No trying to eat Omega next time you fight; or I will pull your teeth out. Understood?"  As if to prove how eager he was to do so, Dr. Weil clacked the pliers.

Before turning in to sleep, Weil removed the shock collar from Lotus so it could be recharged. She was on the floor, managing to sleep. She woke when she felt something poke her awake.  Rolling over, she saw the glow of red eyes.

Omega poked her again with the end of her blade.  "Why do you have this?”  Eyes glistening with a curious gaze, Omega held the sword, “Primitive, ancient technology.  Did you make this?  Why do you have this thing?”

"It's how I survived..." Lotus sighed. "But I won't get out of this one. I will die.  Like many times before."

“Like many times before?  Never mind…”  Omega blinked, and Lotus could see the ferocity in his eyes reemerge.  “Go to sleep, tomorrow may be your last.”


With dawn came the screams of battle. Dr. Weil noted how vigorous Lotus was fighting Omega, and wondered if she would have another Bloodlust Blitz. She was alert to Omega's movements, and was holding her own.

Omega toyed with her, taunting and parrying as he fought his opponent.  He shot her twice, before swiping with his blade.  Lotus’s left arm was battered and unusable, but she forged on, attacking Omega with her blade and body.  Finally, Omega turned off his saber, and approached Lotus, almost casually.  A wicked grin emerged as he grabbed her head.

Coughing, Lotus noticed blood coming from her face. She tried not to taste any of it. She wiped it away, but it kept coming. "No..."

“What is it?  You going to try and bite me again?” Omega mockingly patted her head. 

Pulling away, Lotus fled, trying to stop the Bloodlust Blitz.

“Oh, poor you, going to cry now?” Omega called, before glancing at Weil.  He strode to a pile of rubble, “Lotus?”

"Gahhh! Bloodlust Blitz!"  Lotus lunged at Omega, but was quickly stunned with a shock.

 "Hmph, pathetic." Weil had the drones take Lotus back to her enclosure. "And what was that about, Omega?"

“Oh, playing.” Omega dusted himself off.

"It will be back in its kennel. Did it break the coatings?" Dr. Weil looked Omega over. "Seems to be less brutal when well-fed. That's something to note. Though I will be planning an experiment in a few hours regarding its diet.”


"You'll see if you want.  But I need you to fetch a Reploid. Bring it back alive."

Omega glared at Weil, “You said ‘no more Reploids’.”

"You'll get to kill it when I'm done with it. I promise."

"..." Omega stalked away, but not before glancing to Lotus.  He blinked slowly, a hint of pity in his eye. 

When Omega returned, he would find Lotus chained up in her enclosure. Dr. Weil had a table ready for the prisoner, a civilian Reploid.  “Still don’t know why you need a Reploid…” he grumbled.  “Also, why do you keep her chained?  She’s in a cage.”

"Weren't you worried about that thing turning on us?" Dr. Weil then turned to the Reploid. "This one should wake up at any time. But I just need a donation."  Dr. Weil started taking blood from the Reploid, putting it into several vials. "When it wakes up, do what you will."  Dr. Weil approached Lotus, and opened one vial. "Well? What do you think?" He waved the open vial in front of Lotus' face.  She covered her nose and mouth, trying to resist.  "So the smell affects you. Now how about a taste..." Dr. Weil flicked the contents of the vial, letting the Reploid blood splatter on Lotus' face.

When the blood touched Lotus' tongue, she started to twitch. "No..." She struggled, before her Bloodlust Blitz took over. She thrashed, gnashing her teeth at the mere sight of any Reploid, from the one on the table, to Omega.

“She’s gone Maverick…” Omega muttered.

"Just as I thought. The taste of Reploid blood activates it. Can it stop it itself, or does a shock simply reset it?" Dr. Weil took notes.

Lotus threw herself against her binds, not caring if she was damaged. Weil put his hand into the enclosure. Sniffing his hand, Lotus ignored the human limb and went back to trying to escape. Taking his hand back, Weil had a drone stick its hand in there. Lotus attacked it without hesitation.  “Omega, go to the training room.”

Bored, Omega sauntered off, “Sure, fine.”

The captured Reploid started to wake up. He immediately struggled, begging for help.  Dr. Weil sighed, and had the Reploid taken to the training area for Omega to deal with.  The Reploid was given a weapon, and left in the room to face Omega.

Omega came closer to the Reploid, sighing.  The Reploid trembled, backing away.  “Eh, I’ll make this quick”  With that, Omega decapitated the Reploid, and wandered back to the lab area.

Dr. Weil was still toying with a Blitzed Lotus, seeing how long she could keep up her rage. "15 minutes, impressive, and still going. It's like a hacked Overdrive that has to be manually reset. Truly would make for a brutal Pit Fighter."

“Still toying with her?  She’s just a Maverick with botched programming.”  Omega crossed him arms.

Dr. Weil tisked, “Done already?  You made quick work of that Reploid.”

“What can I say?  It was just a civilian.”

Dr. Weil shocked Lotus, making her reset before going to his computer to log the test results and observations.  As the doctor took his leave, Lotus rebooted. A drone took the shock collar off the charger, and secured it around her neck. Lotus let the drone do this task, too exhausted to move. Drones brought out tools to groom Omega and help him wind down for sleep.

Stretching as the drone buffed, Omega pondered aloud, “Why waste potential?”

Lotus hesitated, before trying to respond.  The collar beeped, before emitting a shock.  She yelped.

Taking the reach tool, Omega unhooked the collar and pointed his gun at her as a warning.  “Why.  Waste.  Potential?”

Her voice was soft, "I can't control it. I can't stop it. I kill everything."

“Hmph.  Let’s try that again, shall we?”  Omega whisked a vial of Reploid blood off the table.  “You can control your power.  I know you can.  You will be useful to me when the Great War begins.  But to do that.” He opened the vial, “Control it.”

"It can't be controlled, Omega." Lotus shook, "If Master Weil had not purchased me..."

“Shut up, and breathe.” Placing the vial within reach, Omega swirled the substance teasingly.

Lotus did as she was told. Her body started to shake harder at the smell of the blood. Her shredded lips curled at the scent, and her mouth opened to take in more of it. She pulled away, trying to snap out of it.

“No, don’t fight it.  Breathe it in.  Embrace your potential.  Come.”

Lotus hesitated, before stepping forward towards Omega. The chains held her back.

"Break the chains."

Lunging forward, Lotus strained against the binds. Slowly, one chain started to break.

“Come on now…  Get the blood…” Omega’s voice was near sing-song now, his eyes flashing a sick delight. 

Lotus gnashed her teeth, and finally, the chains snapped. She then broke the binds on her wrists.

Omega laughed, “Excellent!” He gave the vial to Lotus.  “Now drink.”

In an instant, Lotus had downed the blood. She threw the vial to the floor, glaring at Omega as she struggled to not attack him.  She held her head as the overwhelming sensation of bloodlust seized her mind.  “…O-Omega…”

“Focus.  Now take this…”  Omega passed an object through the bars: Lotus’ blade.  “Come with me.  Let us fight.”  He opened the cell, grabbing Lotus’ arm and tugging her to the gym.  He felt a strange sensation in his chest as he listened to the aggravated Counterfeit growl under her breath.

Throwing Lotus into the room, Omega took out a blade he had crafted.  “I took yours and made my own.  Now let’s go.”

Hesitating, Lotus' body tensed and relaxed, before she lunged at him, snarling.

“Good, keep at it.” Omega parried at her, “Keep it up.  Overcome it.  Tame it!”

The two battled for hours, drawing blows but little blood.  Omega kept Lotus from biting at him, throwing her back each time she tried.  This fight was refreshing for the red Reploid, finally finding a worthy opponent he could not only fight, but teach in his ways.

“Enough.” Omega summoned a pair of drones, taking away Lotus’ blade.  “Now comes the next step.”

Lotus attacked a drone, knocking it to the ground and biting it.

"Lotus, no!” Omega struck her, but she had already felled the drone, biting its neck and drinking the blood.  “Okay, fine.  Anyway.”    He crouched down, poking her head as she lapped up the blood.  “Tell me who you are.”

"Rrrr..." She glared darkly at Omega, and hissed at the drone with a buffer.

Snapping his fingers, Omega clicked his tongue, “Focus on me.  Who are you?”

The drone started buffing as Lotus resumed lapping the blood pooling on the floor.  Omega again felt that funny sensation in his chest as he finally took a good look at her.  Finally, Lotus' gray eyes were focused on Omega's. Her voice started to come back. "I am... Lotus..."

“There we go.  Where did you come from?”

"Th-the pits..." She trembled. "I am in trouble."

“I’ll deal with Lord Weil.  He knows I use his Drones however I please.  But tell me more.”

"They made me. I die. They bring me back..." Lotus finally stopped lapping up the blood, apparently sated.  "I am a monster."

The drone groomed Lotus, and the action slowly but surely relaxed her. Omega smiled at this little success, making Lotus into a coherent Maverick like himself. 

Finally, Lotus stood, and approached Omega. She bowed her head slightly, and gently rested her forehead against his, nuzzling it. "Thank you."

Omega backed away, unsure of the contact.  “This is a part of you.  A part you must embrace.”

That morning, Dr. Weil was furious about the mess. "Omega, what happened?"

Omega looked at Weil, and smirked, “Impromptu training.”

"Yet you two are still in one piece." Dr. Weil glared at Lotus, who did not cringe back this time.

“Didn’t you tell me to not kill her?” Omega mused.  “She might as well learn a thing or two.”

"She isn't here to learn." Dr. Weil went up close, and Lotus growled at him. He shocked her. "Don't you growl at me.  I brought E Crystals.”  To Lotus, Dr. Weil growled, “You have a bad attitude. Go hungry. You'll be lucky if you even stay here, where you are safe, for another week. Because once I am done with you, and bored, well."  Watching Lotus glance at Omega, Dr. Weil started to laugh. "Don't look at him for help! Especially when I do the next tests on you.  Omega, to your capsule for maintenance.”

Omega nodded, and hesitated before he left Lotus.  He went to his capsule, and lay down.

When Love Must Die Part 1/2

Dr. Weil is almost ready to seize the Mother Elf, and unleash Omega upon the world to begin what will be known as humanity’s bloodiest war.  However, with the acquisition of a Counterfeit Reploid, Omega begins to question what he really wants.

Omega/OC PG-13 for language and violence

Special thanks to Technowolf on Discord for helping with base plots, and @dkayproductions for reviewing


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